Scientific Supervisor: Filippo Stanco, Davide Tanasi

Operator: Matteo Buffa


    We present a real-time interaction system for ancient artifacts digitally restored in a virtual environment. The perception of reality is augmented, with the restored data that are missing in the current conditions of the artifacts. The virtual reconstruction includes also the original collocation. The system runs on common mobile devices. The case study for this project is represented by two artifacts of Syracuse, Italy, dated back to Hellenistic time. Virtual replicas of the two artifacts were produced applying different techniques. Later the two projects became part of
    the same research plan aimed to virtually rebuild the most significant artistic and architectural features of Hellenistic Syracuse. Besides the simple production of 3D models, via laserscanning and 3D modelling, a digital process of visual improvement of the statue was preliminary carried out based on photographic documentation of some archetypes. The commercial framework for mobile devices, ARToolworks,
    has been used for developing Augmented Reality applications. Using a pattern that is recognized by the device, the virtual model is shown as it is in the real world.




    F. Stanco, D. Tanasi, M. Buffa, B. Basile - Augmented perception of the past. The case of the Telamon from the Greek theater of Syracuse - In proceedings of International Workshop on Multimedia for Cultural Heritage (MM4CH 2011) May 3, 2011, Modena (Italy)



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