Scientific Supervisor: Filippo Stanco, Davide Tanasi

Operator: Emanueldomenico Sangregorio, Simone Tomasello


    In the summer of 2010, an interdisciplinary team from the Archeomatica Project was actively involved in a research plan drawn up by Arcadia University to understand the temple of Borġ in-Nadur in Malta, in collaboration with the University of Malta and Heritage Malta (the Maltese national agency responsible for the management of museums and archaeological sites). The temple in question goes back to the end of the fourth millennium BC but was reoccupied and reused from the beginning of the third millennium right down to the Phoenician settlement of the island in the course of the eighth century BC.
    In the past 80 years, for different reasons this site was forgotten and generally neglected with the result that the current conditions of the entire archaeological area are unfortunately rather poor. As a consequence, Borġ in-Nadur has not been included in any tourist itinerary and the site is currently only open to the public by appointment.
    For these reasons, the attempt to develop a virtual archaeology project around the site seems timely especially to clarify some features of the temple which now appear to be lost and to offer a new tool for promoting the site. In this context, the work done to date in the field of computer graphics and digital imaging on Maltese prehistoric sites provided useful information for planning the Borġ in-Nadur reconstruction.
    The most significant achievement has been the development of an interactive 3D model of the temple in the conditions in which it was in the 1920s. An advantage of interactive visualisation is to insert users in the loop. Conversely to passive media such as computer animation, it is now the users that drive the navigation and the inspection of the digital artefact. An interactive system allows users to follow their specific interest while choosing the exploration path, focusing on the details that hit personal interest and giving the possibility to choose the duration of the visualization session on the basis of the specific insight experience and needs.


      Interactive 3D modelof Borġ in-Nadur (download).


    F. Stanco, D. Tanasi, D. Cultrera, “Virtual reconstruction of the Borġ in-Nadur megalithic temple”, Davide Tanasi and Nicholas C. Vella (eds), Site, artefacts and landscape - Prehistoric Borġ in-Nadur, Malta, pp. 393-412 ©2011 Polimetrica International, Scientific Publisher Monza/Italy

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