Scientific Supervisor: Filippo Stanco, Giovanni Gallo

Operator: Marcella Lombardo


    The Catholic tradition and rituals prescribes for the evening before Good Friday that the consecrated bred is exposed for prayer and adoration in a very solemn way. It is hence customary to set up scenographic displays to this aim: the consecrated bred is put inside decorated wooden boxes that are used only for this occasion. This explains the presence of many very elaborated wooden boxes frequently complemented by silver or even gold decorations. Among the treasures in a church in Catania you may find a beautiful urn produced perhaps at the middle of XIX century. It is a very well preserved object and it is usually on display in a lateral altar of this church. The creation of a digital copy of this object is problematic because of several issues:

    1. It is made of composite material with different reflective properties and cannot be scanned in a standard way by a conventional 3D laser.

    2. A partial scan of the non reflective parts is problematic too, because of the occlusions and of the very elaborated geometry of the object.

    The aim of the digitalization is to present the urn in a digital form, perhaps on the web or on a media kiosk and not for diagnostic or restoration purposes. Because of these challenges and finalities our laboratory has adopted a pure image based reconstruction strategy.



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